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How to book a tattoo appointment 


Take a quick look at my Instagram

If you like what you see then Email me your ideas

Some important information to included in your email would be:

  • Any reference pictures and changes or notes about how I can customize your piece.

  • Where you want the tattoo

  • Whether it is color, black and grey or just line work

  • The rough size you want the piece(in inches)

  • A budget you need me to work with in


Call the shop.

We have a new phone system, you will have to listen to the message. My extension is 3#

The shop requires a $80 nonrefundable deposit at the time of setting up an appointment. The deposit goes towards the price of the tattoo.  My hourly rate is $150 per hour


I am at the shop on the following days:

     Thursday- Saturdays12-8pm and Sundays 1-6pm


If you need to reschedule your appointment: 

 48 hour notice is required to keep your deposit. That means you MUST CALL the shop. Simply leaving a message is NOT a valid way to reschedule or cancel an appointment.

  • Instagram

Before Your Appointment 

  • You must be 18

  • Bring with you your valid, government issued, photo ID.

  • Eat something

  • Get some sleep

  • Clean yourself

  • If you have a child(ren), please find child care.The shop is not a kid friendly environment 

  • DO NOT come in drunk or high

  • hydrate

  • you can bring just ONE “hand holder” come with you.

  • masks are optional


Things you will need to care for your new tattoo:

  • antibacterial liquid hand soap 

  • paper towels (maybe plastic wrap)

  • aquaphor

  • unscented lotion 

The bandage can come off 1-4 hours after the tattoo
wash your tattoo with hot water and soap

pat dry with paper towels

rub on a THIN layer of aquaphor

do this a few times a day

once it starts to flake switch from the aquaphor to an unscented lotion 

USE COMMON SENSE. A tattoo is an open wound.

If you have any questions ASK, call the shop or contact me

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